About Us

Flora Organics is a family business. We believe bio-farming is the best way to save the environment and also grow healthy delicious food. We cultivate our grains and seeds in the natural beauty of the Iskar river region, which constantly reminds us of the importance of our commitment to organic farming.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our organic farm strives to protect the environment by building and maintaining healthy soil, which in turn improves the quality of water and air. It has been shown that grain and other crops grown on healthy soil are richer in vital nutrients and more resistant to pests and diseases. 


What we do

We strive to produce the highest quality ancient and gluten free grains, oil seeds and also make flours with excellent baking and taste qualities. We produce wholegrain flours carefully monitoring the lower temperature while milling. This process facilitates digestion by retaining the enzyme activity, while protein levels and fibres are also preserved. Our flour is ground to order to guarantee high nutritional values.


Chief Executive: Iliana Velinova

Managing Director: Doni Velinov

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